Following this policy of confidentiality, we will not disclose any personal information you give us when you register on bird-music-school.ru or during the classes at our school. We have described below what data we collect and store about you, how we use it and what rights you have in this respect.

1. Terms used in this policy

You, yours (including all forms) – an individual who has applied for services on the bird-music-school.ru website or who has otherwise contacted us to receive the services referred to on that website, and who has paid for our services and taken part in our lessons.
We, our (including all forms) – individual entrepreneur (IP) BIRDOK NIKOLAE (OGRN: 321508100349899, TIN: 502729214336), and professionals engaged by the said individual entrepreneur to provide services.
Teacher – a professional we engage to provide the vocal classes for you.
Website – a page on the Internet at bird-music-school.ru.
Application – a set of documents and information sent together through a special form on the bird-music-school.ru.
Email – the email address you gave us when you applied online at bird-vocal.com, or communicated to us in any other way.

2. How and what data do we collect?

1. We collect personal data when you fill in online application or registration forms on bird-music-school.ru.

2. When you register on bird-music-school.ru we collect information about your:
· Surname and first name;
· Telephone number;
· Email address.

3. We record video of our classes. We only watch the video of the lesson if you ask us to, or if it is necessary to check the teacher's statements or to improve the methodology of the lesson.

4. We collect your bankcard and other payment information to pay for the lessons.

5. You have the right to have your personal data removed from our database. To do so, please let us know which data you wish to delete by sending an email to bird.music.school@gmail.com.

3. How we act with your personal data?

6. Our responsibilities include:
· Only use the information for the purposes set out in our policy of confidentiality;
· Ensuring the confidentiality of the information you provide;
· Taking precautions to keep your personal data confidential;
· The dissemination of information about lessons, including extracts of video recordings of lessons, only with your preliminary consent and that of the teacher;
· Deleting and changing your personal data at your request within a reasonable period of time.

4. How our teachers act with your personal data?

7. The responsibilities of our teachers include:
· Compliance with our policy of confidentiality;
· Providing information about themselves that meets the requirements of bird.music.school@gmail.com;
· Not distributing publicly available photos, audio and video recordings of lessons and materials provided by us and teachers during lessons and as homework;
· Updating and supplementing the information that they provide in the event of changes by notifying us by e-mail to bird.music.school@gmail.com in advance.
8. Our teachers have the right to have their personal data removed from the database by informing us electronically at bird.music.school@gmail.com

5. Why we collect your personal data?

9. We collect personal data for the following purposes:
· Registration at bird-music-school.ru;
· Payment for lessons;
· Transferring your personal data to our teachers for identification purposes in order to organize the learning process;
· Dissemination of information about the vocal school in the public domain;
· Conducting research to improve working, educational, economic and other processes in the school.

6. Other

10. Matters not regulated by our policy of confidentiality shall be resolved in accordance with the Federal Law of Russian Federation No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data".
11. Birdock Nicolae is the person responsible for enforcing our policy of confidentiality. If you have any questions about our policy of confidentiality, you can contact us via bird.music.school@gmail.com.
12. In case of doubt, the Russian text of this policy shall be prevailing.
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